Rooted in the heart of Tuscany with a taste for quality and innovation


About us

Viticcio has been making wine since 1964 among the rolling green hills of Tuscan wine country in Greve in Chianti, between Florence and Siena.

The winery’s vinicultural production began with the desire to capture and embody the potential of Chianti Classico, and it wasn’t long before Viticcio wines became renowned for their true and high quality expression of the Tuscan terroir. Since then, the winery has grown to encompass 120 hectares of estate-owned land among the hills of Chianti Classico and Maremma and it now produces wines from all three of these prestigious territories.

Today we carry forward the production of Viticcio winery, making wines that express the most authentic link between nature and man. We are driven by passion and enthusiasm to make our wines classic and elegant, yet with a fresh outlook on the terroir.

A life project

Viticcio is much more than a winery—it is our life project.

Together with the indispensable help of our young and energetic team, we dedicate ourselves to producing high quality wines that express the Chianti Classico and Maremma territories with classic yet fresh style.

We strive to produce wines that showcase all the nuances of this incredible terroir to its full potential. Our olive trees, too, are managed with respect and care, and the charming agriturismo is attentively curated so that our guests can experience the same authentic Tuscany that we love.

Naturally innovative

In the balance between tradition and innovation, the natural environment and land shaped by human hand, respect is a key word in the philosophy that guides our daily operations at Viticcio.

Our team in the vineyards and cellar is made up of people who have grown up together in Chianti and share extensive experience in the field, as well as a deep love for the land. The respect and care we feel for our territory begins in our hearts and is transferred to the careful vineyard management and cellar techniques we practice.

We honor the treasured traditions that teach invaluable winemaking knowledge, and we balance this with innovative technologies. Just as importantly, we respect the environment and recognize the essential need in leaving the land healthy and fertile for the next generations. Indeed, the vineyards have always been cultivated using organic techniques and natural treatments as much as possible. Since 2003, eight hectares of vineyards are cared for using biodynamic methods; and since 2013, our entire production has been totally organic.

A wine’s high quality begins in the vineyard. Only by respecting the land are we able to grow naturally wonderful grapes to make an exceptional product.