From the very first moment we came to Tuscany as a young couple, we fell in love with the territory, with its traditions and people, its food—and most of all its wine. When the opportunity presented itself for us to connect to Tuscany on a deeper, more enduring level, we took it. Today, we’re proud and happy to continue the winemaking heritage and traditions of Viticcio.

In our actions, thoughts, and desires, we see Viticcio as more than a winery. It’s our life project, and we are completely dedicated to making wines that express the terroirs of Chianti Classico, Bolgheri, and Maremma to their best potential.


Since we’ve come to Tuscany and Viticcio, the winery’s image has undergone a restyling, both online and also on our labels. We chose a new symbol to represent our winery: the curving sideways “eight” of infinity. In a way, infinity is simply another word for “continuity,” but it also mirrors the form of vines. Sometimes, a grapevine tendril—in Italian, viticcio refers to the curly-cue of a grapevinewill grow so it naturally bends and twists itself into the perfect shape of infinity.

The keys and infinity symbols

The keys and infinity symbols

To us, this tendril in the form of infinity also represents the deep-rooted and centuries-old importance of viticulture in the Tuscan territory, and with that, our desire to root ourselves in this land and its traditions. And we recognize the importance of doing our part to allow Tuscany’s winemaking heritage to endure for the next generations. The healthy and successful continuation of viticulture here can only be accomplished through sustainable land stewardship, and in maintaining the natural balance of the soil and environment. For this reason, all of our operations in the vineyards and cellar are done following organic practices.

You’ll also notice the symbol of the crossed keys on some of our bottles, another important symbol for us. It represents family and faith. They are the keys to heaven, of St. Peter and St. Paul, as well as representative of the two people—my wife Alona and myself—who run the winery. We each hold the key to the doors of Viticcio!