This year at Viticcio, harvest began September 9 and we finished up on October 10. After all that hard work in the vineyards (and it’s not over yet, of course—now we’ve moved into the cellars!), we wanted to share some photos with you. Enjoy!

Harvest 2016 at Viticcio


All stages of winemaking are done by hand, beginning with handpicking the grapes in the vineyards.


We gather the grapes in these crates, and then transport them to the sorting table.


Next, all the grapes are hand-sorted. We look for any grapes that are not perfectly whole or that have any defects.


Then the grapes are passed into the crushing machine—stems and all.


Sometimes we can’t resist tasting them…they’re bursting with flavor and delicious! Someone has to do a quality control, right?


And the resulting must, skins, and stems are transported to these stainless steel tanks where they macerate. The winemaking begins!


We wouldn’t be able to do it without the hard work of the whole team together. A job well done!