We are pleased to announce that Viticcio will participate in the seminars on UGA that will be held in the coming months in Rome!

The UGA are eleven areas within the Chianti Classico production area, distinguishable on the basis of specific criteria such as enological recognisability, historicity, notoriety and significance in terms of volumes produced. The Additional Geographical Units will come into force once the bureaucratic process for the approval of the changes to the production specifications has been completed and will be applicable, in this first phase, only to the Gran Selezione.

The Chianti Classico Consortium is planning a dissemination of UGA in the city of Rome between October and November, which will be developed through 3 seminars dedicated to an audience of highly passionate consumers and guests of the press and trade.

The seminars will be conducted by leading figures in the sector, will take place in places traditionally linked to Capitoline food and wine and will be developed through a format that also includes the tasting of gastronomic specialties during the evening.

This is the program:

. 23 October – Enoteca Trimani

. 6 November – Enoteca Ercoli 1928

. 13 November – Enoteca Settembrini


We are waiting for you!