In the heart of Tuscany we cultivate a love of the land, vineyards and the highest expression of these smooth hills: wine.

Always willing to share this love with experts. enthusiasts and all who are curious, the doors to our winery are open for visits and tastings.

We offer a diversity of tour and tasting options to fit any and all who are interesting in partaking in our world.

The First Sip of Tuscany

This is the quickest visit among our options. A guided tasting of our labels that can be accompanied by a tour of the cellar to learn about the long journey our wines undergo from vine, to barrel to cup.

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Four Shades of Chianti

For those wishing to dig a bit deeper into our history, we have created a more detailed itinerary that expands upon the practices and care we proudly employ in producing our wines. The tour also includes a tasting to enrich the experience. A presentation of a selection of our Chianti Classico DOCG labels – Viticcio, Viticcio Riserva & Prunaio Gran Selezione – as well as our new Monile Toscana IGT. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a selection of local cured meats and cheeses accompany the wine tasting.

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A Unique Experience

Designed for those wishing to step into the shoes of a vintner, our third and most complete tour allows any visitor a personalized experience of our winery. For two and a half hours, our guests get to completely immerse themselves into the world of winemaking, completing daily tasks such as tasting from the barrel to check its progress. With this tour we also offer a totally unique opportunity: each guest will be able to create their own blend from our wines and bring the fruit of their labour home with them!

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Three paths, three trips through our winery, each one designed to offer every traveller a taste of Tuscany and to tell a story: ours.