Monile is our internationally acclaimed Super Tuscan. A full-bodied wine with velvety smooth tannins, its rich in flavour.

A Super Tuscan made from our international varieties

Monile is a blend of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot. Both the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot are selected from the winery’s old-growth Madonnino and Peri vineyards in order to harvest the best fruit. The Merlo grows in clay-rich soils while the Cabernet is rooted in medium sandy and silty soils. The grapes are harvested at separate times so that only the most mature clusters are picked; Merlot is usually harvested in the second week of September while Cabernet is usually a month later, half way through October.

Sorting the grapes

Immediately after harvest the grapes are brought to the cantina, where they are sorted by hand. They are then vinified separately, at controlled temperatures and without the addition of yeasts. Both are left to ferment and macerate on the lees for two to three weeks. The primary ageing period also happens separately, with both the Cabernet and the Merlot undergoing malolactic fermentation in barrique for around 18 months. After tasting the separate wines, they are mixed and casked in wood for another 6 months.

A bodily wine

Monile’s densely concentrated ruby red colour with violet nuances gives it an air of importance and prestige. Structured, complex and deep, it is quite fruity and elegant in the nose with top notes of mature red fruits that contrast perfectly with the underlying flavours of sweet spice, coffee and licorice. The deepest layer is lightly vegetal and sap-like in quality. A long finish, the wine remains fruity and fresh with each sip.

A new label

From the vintage of 2014, the Monile will have new labels that showcase the elegance and importance this wine represents. Composed of a single gold key overlays a crown and single phrase of Dante’s Divine Comedy, taken from the Canto IX del Purgatory verse:

L’una era d’oro e l’altra era d’argento; 
“.. e di sotto da quel trasse due chiavi

pria con la bianca e poscia con la gialla 
fece a la porta sì, ch’i’ fu’ contento.”

(“From underneath that vestment forth he drew Two keys, of metal twain: the one was gold Its fellow silver. With the pallid first, And next the burnish’d he so ply’d the gate, As to content me well.”)

The keys out of Purgatory, according to Dante: one silver and one gold. They are needed to enter the place of atonement and begin climbing the stairs towards Paradise. Just as the keys are means of entry, the wine is a tool to elevate the spirit towards what is good.

A wine for all your special occasions

Monile is a Bordeaux blend, in the heart of Chianti. It expresses its nobility without ever neglecting its territorial expression. What we get is a sapid and mineral wine that is always fresh. It is a wine that demands powerful pairings: game, roasts and meat dishes typical of Chianti. Its somewhat quirky character however allows for versatility. It is a wine that can easily be enjoyed on its own, slowly meditating over a thought or sharing with friends. It’s a wine to highlight any moment.