We are pleased to present our Toscana IGT Massaia, Viticcio’s vibrant rosé. A marked freshness and scents of wild strawberries lend itself to this wine, making it a constant pleasure to drink. Enjoyed young, it is a wine that emanates the minerality of warm summer nights.

The new vintage of Massaia

Massaia 2022 was made from a selection of grapes from Greve in Chianti. Organic grapes, 50% Sangiovese and 50% Syrah vinified while white, they come from young vines located near the Viticcio winery. The clusters for Massaia are the first ones harvested, favouring the freshness and acidity that is still present in the grapes; it took place on the last day of August. The grapes are immediately sent to the press to be crushed at low temperatures.


The first-pressed must, that is the juice that is released and separated from the mass after the first press, is placed in steel tanks to ferment at a low temperature (12°C) for a month. This is followed by another six months where the wine is left on the lees with no malolactic fermentation.

A few sensory notes

Massaia 2022 is a bright rosy pink colour due to the presence of Syrah, a grape that is rich in anthocyanins (what gives ‘blue’ fruits its colour). The mouthfeel is always pleasant and fresh, revealing its notes of wild field strawberries. It has a sapid, mineral palate, with hints of green citrus zest (such as lime) and tropical fruits, that always invites another sip. A wine with great acidity and good structure.

Pairing suggestions

The freshness of Massaia 2022 makes it a fantastic wine to serve for aperitivo/appetizers. It pairs perfectly with light bites, such as a charcuterie board with young cheeses and fresh cold cuts.

It always pairs beautifully with fish and seafood, especially those cooked in tomato sauce. Here are Viticcio we love pairing it with caciucco alla livornese!